April 23, 2013

THIS IS HOME \\ Neighborhood

Out for a Walk Out for a Walk Out for a Walk Out for a Walk Out for a Walk Out for a Walk Out for a Walk
I'm a little late to this challenge, but here I am nonetheless.
I've actually been on the lookout for photography contests, so if you know of any, please leave the link!
As for this challenge, Johanna Grace is hosting it, and I didn't hear about it until the first month was over (sad, I know). 
My sister and I took a little walk while waiting for some guests to arrive.
About ten minutes into that walk we saw them drive past (we live on a dead end), so I didn't get that many pictures.
But, I hope these are good enough to suffice.
Which is your favorite of my neighborhood pictures? Did you participate in this challenge? Leave the link in the comments!

xo, RN
ps- so i kinda cheated and took some pictures on our driveway... the chalk ones and the one of my sister. 


  1. These are great, Rachel Nicole! I really like the composition of the sepia flag one! Thanks for joining :)

    xoxo Johanna Grace

  2. Beautiful photos! You are such an amazing photographer. :)


  3. Amazing! I really enjoy the black and white one! :)
    They're all great.

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