May 14, 2013

Happy Things (BEDM - Day 14)

Day 14, Tuesday: Ten things that make you really happy
Ten things that make me happy. Oh this is so easy. (and it'll be more than ten- you know me!)
Happy Things Happy Things Happy Things Happy Things Happy Things Happy Things Happy Things Happy Things
1. contacts. okay, so you know i wear glasses? well, i don't like them. i always wanted contacts, but I just couldn't get them in. i decided to try again. today was that day. i go in, i cant get them in. then on one of the last tries for the day, I got one in. and out. and then. I get home, i wait a little, and then i try. first time in one eye, second in the other. WHOOO! (in these pictures i'm truly wearing contacts (where in all the past ones I just took off my glasses and couldn't see anything)
2. my siblings. they make me happy sometimes.
3. crazy faces/days/that feeling. um yeah.
4. this perfect weather we're having. (like yes.)
5. the eggs (which are now baby birds) in the nest by our front porch (i've got pictures as proof! They come up... sometime... maybe after this challenge - I'm documenting their growth and everything. oh, and I've even got pictures of the mom.)
6. my awesome camera bag. still makes me happy.
7. all these awesome picture display ideas i've got.
8. this summer. yes.
9. only 8 days of school. YESSSSS.
10. the new A Beautiful Mess App. it just rocks, guys. and it's #1 in the app store. go buy it!
11. thunderstorms. (and the warning that they're going to come.
12. beautiful evenings with beautiful sunsets (and/or sunbeams)
13. little kids.
Okay, that sounds good.
Can't wait for tomorrows challenge! (i think it'll be the best one - oh, and it's going to be laateeee.)

xo, RN
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  1. Where did you get that cute scarf??

    1. Thanks for asking!
      I got it at Charlotte Russe (


  2. Cute post! :) I love your blog, how did you get it to look so good? What do you have it on? (for instance, blogger, wordpress, tyepad, that kind of thing.)


    1. Thank you!

      I've taught myself how to design blogs during the last couple years, and have blogged about learning it. (I offer blog design services here.

      It's hosted by blogger. :)



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