May 2, 2013

In Which I Educate You In Blog Design (BEDM - Day Two)

Okay, so today's challenge (and just like Illy, I messed up the 250 word limit yesteday. Don't give me word limits, they never work out) is as follows:
Day 2, Thursday: Educate us on something you know a lot about or are good at.
In Which I Educate You in Blog Design

Okay, this one is hard because I don't really think I'm an expert at anything (or really 'good' at it, but that doesn't matter in this challenge)

So when I asked my brother this question the first thing he said was designing blogs.

(well thank you!)

And so I think I will use this topic, though I have zero ideas for how it will work, because well they usually just turn into a mess.

As you probably know, I am a blog designer. I specialize in blogger blogs, but I do other random things (like Etsy banners and the like).
In Which I Educate You in Blog Design
Now, for me, this job is awesome. I get paid to do something I love. 
But it definitely has its ups and downs.

- First of all, you have to deal with the blogs. If a blog doesn't meet your standards or terms, it's really painful to have to write an email back saying you can't do it (I've been lucky and only had to do this once).

- You have to deal with the customer. And sometimes the customer changes their mind a lot. You have to patiently deal with it (I struggle with this. too much).

- You get to answer lots of questions. Every single one of my customers have said they just don't know something or another, and most of them say they must be the dumbest customer I've had. (and really, they're not that bad - they know more than they think!) Lucky for me I lovelovelove answering questions (so ask me one here?) - this is just about my favorite part besides the actual designing and finished product.

- There's a lot of repetitive. You will have to explain things over and over and over (and over and over...) again. You just do. And it gets old.

- the finished product? Yes, this is by far my favorite part. You just designed something for someone else, and (hopefully) they're in love with it.

And as you know, everyone has questions about the designer, and I've had so many about my age and how I can balance everything. 
But because it's getting late, I'll have to make a new post for that.

Some pictures of blogs I'm designing now (and elements)
In Which I Educate You in Blog Design In Which I Educate You in Blog Design
(oh, but I have to photobomb first.)
In Which I Educate You in Blog Design In Which I Educate You in Blog Design In Which I Educate You in Blog Design
And these are some of my favorite designs (to see my portfolio, click here)

xo, RN
ps- don't forget to ask me a few questions here!

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