June 4, 2013

i give you myself || by jocee.

green goddess.
"...168 more pictures does not solidify the aesthetic value of who you are." - from urban dictionary
i would like you to know that i am more than an iPhone quality duckface and an obscene amount of mascara.
i would like you to know that i am more than a warning regarding my current relationship status.
i would like you to know that i am more than a pop song lyric.
i am more than the fragmented quotes on my goodreads page.
i am 1am meltdowns, i am oreo cookie cravings.
i am the messy hair i wake up with in the morning.
i am the bad jokes, i am the planned comebacks.
i am the quiet epiphanies, i am the lost hugs.

i am so much more than a facebook self-portrait, and i never want you to let that determine my worth.

jocee: dark amber brown eyes (accented in sunlight), brown hair, dreams with emerald green eyes, sees life in the color vintage, cupcake enthusiast, lover of British accents, left-handed, traditional coca-cola bottle lover, lavender vanilla bubble baths, sea shell collector, avid believer in Narnia, Wonderland and Middle Earth, dictionary reader, quill and ink writer, supporter of chocolate-chip cookie dough ice cream, profound quote creator, despiser of capital letters, your personal imagination station, inspired by rainy days, aspiring photographer, bubble blower. blogs at cupcake dictionary. always hungry.


  1. You are beautiful is what you are. This post was just gorgeous, Jocee. Thanks so much for guest posting! :)


  2. Gee, you're just gorgeous...and I love the way you described how you are, you're so clever! :)


yes, you have a beautiful soul.