June 13, 2013

State Fair 2012 || The Entries

If you've followed this blog for a little while you know that I entered the state fair last year. I entered 11 pictures. It was my first year, and I used my parents point and shoot camera. 
When the pictures were blown up, the got a little blurry/grainy. Not my favorite. But in the end I got two placings and a lot of knowledge for the next year.
These are all my photos.
The placements were on pictures #3 (my sisters' head shot) and #10 (the baseball)
I got 3rd for the baseball and 4th for the head shot.
State Fair 2012 State Fair 2012 State Fair 2012 State Fair 2012 State Fair 2012 State Fair 2012 State Fair 2012 State Fair 2012 State Fair 2012 State Fair 2012 State Fair 2012
Which pictures do you like best?

I'll be posting this years' picks (and the ones I thought about entering) for my next post.
xo, RN
ps- this was going to be posted yesterday evening, but my power went out and it had to be postponed until today.


  1. I love the first, the wasp. and the nest and the ball, beautiful photography! Cant wait to see this years!


    p.s. A couple weeks ago (after you told me you knew my brother and sister in-law) I told Amy about it and at first she wasn't sure who you were until I showed her the picture of your family (it was an old picture) and then she was like "Is that Rachel 'blank'?" (I don't remember what the last name was) and then she was like "wow she looks so much older! she was always one of the little ones!" It was funny.. such a small world! :)

    1. Thank you! :)

      hehehe, yep, such a small, small world...


  2. I like all of them!! My favs would have to be the last two.

  3. Gorgeous pics! I especially love the baseball macro. We love all things baseball at my house!

  4. Love the photos of water! It's such a hard subject to capture adequately, and you've done a great job of that!


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