June 22, 2013

State Fair 2013 || The Entries

Click here to see my entries from last year.
Way late, but as I promised, here are my entries for this year.
I knew I wanted to do the State Fair this year, but when I realized the deadline was in three days, I freaked. I had so many pictures I hadn't looked through. I had an idea of some of the ones I wanted to do, but I was determined to look through at least 75% of my photos (just so you know, that's a lot of pictures).
I ended up with so many pictures I wanted to do, and I knew I couldn't do all of them.
So, I uploaded them, and sent an email to my friend Karalee (guys, she's got this amazing eye for photography. seriously.), asking her if she could help me. She did, and I ended up with these photos.
Some of these have had their debut on this blog, others haven't yet. So view some of these as a sneak peek!
State Fair 2013 State Fair 2013 State Fair 2013 State Fair 2013 State Fair 2013 State Fair 2013 State Fair 2013 State Fair 2013 State Fair 2013
Do you have a favorite? Are they better than last year's pictures?
xo, RN


  1. I love the last one! You should have it framed and hung in your room or better yet, frame it and mail it to me! lol

    And yes better than last year! :)

    1. haha, you're so cute!
      It probably will be hung in my room after the state fair. ;)

      I might do another giveaway with one of my pictures. Still deciding. hehe


  2. The first one is pretty cool, but the last one is definitely amazing. Hope the state fair goes (or did go) well!

    1. Thanks! I actually haven't even gotten my pictures printed yet. The judging is in the middle of July. :)
      I hope it goes well, too. ;)


  3. These are really amazing! The last one looks magical. :)


  4. Wow! Those pics are amazing! I love the one of the burnt marshmellow!



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