August 16, 2013

life lately \\ what i've been up to

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so i just realized today, that i have not really written about my life.
there are a few reasons. 
the details everyone knows about are utterly and completely boring, and the details no one knows about are too personal to share.
with anyone but God.
so i guess i'll just talk about the boring details.
so, as you may know, i have a summer job.
i clean a highschool.
and believe me, it is b o r i n g .
very boring.
thats what my whole summer has looked like.
but lately we have been finishing it all up.
and since we were a but behind schedule, that means i'm working more than full time.
pretty much i'd wake up, go to work, go home (or go babysit), practice my instruments, eat dinner, clean the dishes, and go right back to work, go home, go to bed.
and let me tell you.
 i had no time for anything.
but this past Wednesday we completed all the work we had to do at the school. so that means that my summer job is over.
and i am so happy.
its nice to have a job you can depend on, and one that you get paid pretty well.
its nice to have a bank account that isn't empty.
but its not nice having no summer.
so i am going to enjoy my small summer break before we go back to school on September 4th.
(it was supposed to be the day after labor day, but someone is turning 16 that day, so they asked to start the day after their birthday, and it worked)
what have you been up to lately?
this pictures were all taken while babysitting.
i have so much to do now that i'm done working. if i had a to do list, it would be miles long.
so i'm going to go tackle it!
xo, RN
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