August 2, 2013

Lydia | Portraits

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on one sunny evening while we were camping, i talked my sister into taking pictures.
it wasnt hard.
my sister loves water, a lot like i did when i was her age. (funny how those things change, isn't it?)
i promised her that she could play in the water as long as i got to tell her when to pose, etc. if needed.
yeah, she was great.
these are the pictures from that day.
it was terribly fun, and the lighting was close to perfect.
which do you like best? isn't she the cutest?
xo, RN
ps-recovering from the croup over here. *cough cough* no, seriously.
yes, i know that photography is spelled wrong in the logo. it's all changed now, and won't be happening again. it was just a mistake, i do know how to spell photography.


  1. the lighting is amazing, she is gorgeous (THOSE EYES!), and you are a great photographer. <3 I love the first, second, and third.


  2. Your sister is pure cuteness! <3 <3 <3 these photos!

  3. Aww Rachel! These are beautiful! Especially love the first two, what a cutie pie.


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