September 4, 2013

DIY Washi Tape Jar

this DIY is more of an information post for where I got my stuff. ha! It's not a very difficult one.
but let's do it anyway!
DIY Washi Tape Jar
What you'll need:
+scissors (mine is from Joanns)
+ jar (i just used a canning jar)
+ washi tape (I got mine from all over the place, but I would recommend here to start your collection. Or just search on Etsy here)
just an added note, i bought that bag from Larkspur Crafts.
DIY Washi Tape Jar
1. to start off, I'd pick a color scheme and 3-4 tapes from that color scheme.
DIY Washi Tape Jar
2. roll them on! this is the hardest part. its actually quite hard to not get it to wrinkle.
DIY Washi Tape Jar
you don't have to add the tape to the top, but i actually like the sort of messy feel it gives it. like it's not perfect, and it's okay.

hope you had fun! did you do this DIY? post the link!

xo, rn
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  1. Super cute! I love your new look for your blog! Check out my blog:



    totally gotta go get some for myself. the jar is so pretty. love the color scheme!


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