September 3, 2013

my sweet 16

Sweet 16
Sweet 16 Sweet 16Sweet 16 Sweet 16 Sweet 16 Sweet 16=Sweet 16Sweet 16 
Sweet 16
Sweet 16 Sweet 16Sweet 16 Sweet 16
you know that feeling; you're really excited about something, and it's all you can think about for forever, and then it happens, and it's not what you expected it to be? yeah, that feeling.
well, that's kind of how my birthday has always been. never like i imagined it to be.
and it's okay. its not like the day is made 'bad' because it wasn't what i expected.
it's just different. and i need to learn that sometimes different is okay. i don't always have to have everything planned out in my head. sometimes it's okay to just let things go as God created them to be. stop pushing, and start letting.


today is my 16th birthday. it wasn't anything special. my birthday usually isn't anything special. its just something that you have to get used to. it's okay not being special. i got to pick out my birthday meal, people wished me a happy birthday, and that was that. it was a day to relax before i go back to school tomorrow.
and i'm thankful for it even if it wasn't special.
because i am blessed.
i may not have a full out birthday party, or a surprise party (and that's fine with me!), i may not go shopping, or go somewhere i really love.
but i get to live.
i get to worship my savior.
i have family and friends who love me.
i'm free to do what i want for my career.
i'm free.
i'm not told what i can and can't believe in. i'm not sent to jail for Who i believe in.
i'm blessed beyond measure,
so i'm thankful.
i'm thankful that i get to live to see another birthday praising my savior, loving my family and friends and being able to be me.
xo, rn
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  1. First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :D I really loved this post because my birthdays aren't usually something special either. :P But I'm okay with that because I still have a great time. (Though I still think Christmas is way better.) And it happens to be my 16th birthday on the 22nd! :)

  2. happy birthday, girl! i'm really encouraged by your thoughts. yeah, different is okay. we just have to learn how to love it.

    xoxo, elisabeth @ a flyleaf

  3. 1. HAPPY {late} SWEET SIXTEEN!!
    2. My birthdays are like that too...:-/
    3. Me and Jessica have the same birthday ;)

    xx emma ||


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