September 20, 2013

Palm | September Photo Challenge 3/4

month 1 | photo 3
Palm | Challenge
1) inner surface of hand: the inner surface of the hand, extending from the base of the fingers to the wrist
2) underside of mammal's forefoot: the part of a mammal's forefoot that is most often in contact with the ground
3) hand-sized measure: a unit of length, based on the length or width of a hand
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xo, rn
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  1. Ooh, I like the picture. I'm planning to get mine uploaded pretty soon... I actually haven't gotten any of them taken, as I've been crazy busy. Oh, well, I'll get to them eventually.

    1. Thank you!
      That's fine, tailor it to fit your needs is what everyone is supposed to do. Plus, I totally understand how busy can be. (don't we all?) I can't wait to see your pictures!



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