September 1, 2013

summer sick days | photos + video

Summer Sick Days Summer Sick Days Summer Sick Days Summer Sick Days Summer Sick Days Summer Sick Days
Summer Sick Days from Rachel Nicole on Vimeo.
summer sick days.
ah, they're not fun.
winter ones are bad enough.
but at least when it's winter, you're actually legit-ly cold.
not in summer.
in summer it's like a sweat bath times two.
the chills are awful, because you feel hot and cold at the same time. not one or the other.
both. all the time.
in summer you're cold, you want the covers up, but youre sweating all over. 
sleep is almost nonexistent, and you're constantly tired.
i don't like summer sick days.
so i spent my time shooting videos, listening to music, blowing my nose, getting things done, going to work when i could (and feeling absolutely miserable), blowing my nose, playing in a frisbee tournament, blowing my nose, winning a frisbee tournament, blowing my nose, trying to drink water, doing a bit of sewing, blowing my nose, trying to sleep, feeling miserable... oh! and did i mention i blew my nose a lot? like, a million times every day? (that is an underexageration)
well, they aren't fun. and it went from being a cold, to a fever, to the croup. (which is not nonexistent like i thought it was! consider yourself informed...)
well, thankful that that whole mess is over and done with.
you can no enjoy the fruits of my labors (pun intended).
xo, rn
ps- did you read about my challenge here? it's gonna be the best thing you ever decided to do. yup.

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  1. I really like your video and pictures! :) And I'm so glad you're feeling better!



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