October 6, 2013

jelly molds and self-acceptance {guest post by elisabeth}

hello darlings,
i'm elisabeth, popping over from here to say a big heyo and share my thoughts (while rachel is away).
i love my King, and i like other stuff. like starbucks, whipped cream, photography, and colors, in case you were wondering.
okay enough of me. now on to you. hope you enjoy this post ♥


you know how jelly is poured into a mold, and after freezing, it takes on its shape? i don't ever want to be like that. poured into a mold, froze, and become just like any other jelly. i believe that i'm unique, and that everybody is as well. i believe that there is something special in everybody, waiting for the right person at the right time to push that potential. some people like to call it style, others- personality. doesn't matter; it all points to that special thing in a person that distinguishes them from everyone else.

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there's also something else called society (i like to call it the giant, jelly factory mold). it attempts to squeeze every single person through that mold and change them into the basic jelly shape. altering your definition of beauty, life, God, love, and happiness. altering your belief that a rounded shape can be beautiful. changing your confidence that happiness doesn't have to come with beauty. i've been there.

i didn't always believe i was unique, you know. my sister--beautiful, talented, musical, always in the limelight. she was the mold i tried to fit in. i forced myself into her mold, squeezing myself into her unique character that was created specially by Him for her. and when i couldn't, i exploded with frustration. couldn't keep my emotions in anymore. cried often, wondering why i couldn't be as good as her. wondering why when i tried to talk to people like how she did it (charismatic and bubbly as she was), they looked at me funny and i felt plain stupid. wondering why i couldn't be musical enough to play the piano as well as her.

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it was a late night when i finally poured it out to her. told her she was so lucky, and i was so jealous of her social un-awkwardness. told her how every time i talked to people, i would be so conscious of me being me. then she looked at me and started telling me the areas in which she wanted to be like me. hoo boy, shocked i was. then i realized something, by trying to fit myself into her mold that made specially for her, i was losing out on using my personality to its full potential. and it all boiled down to the problem of self-acceptance. i wasn't accepting myself; no, i was too busy fitting myself into someone else's mold!

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i know with the society as it is now, it's even harder to accept yourself. (it was hard enough in the sixteenth century, and now even more with all the technology, magazines and whatnot.) it's hard to accept who you were made to be when you see all the glamorous celebrities posing on the magazine covers at the newspaper stand. it's hard to accept yourself when you look at that gorgeous girl at school/church/wherever who always gets the attention. it's hard to accept when you start comparing yourself. so: stop comparing. love yourself, and remember: you were made in the image of the One who is beautiful. you are beautiful.

love, elisabeth


  1. this is a beautiful and inpsirational post, Elisabeth!! i plan to check out your blog soon. :)

  2. Beautiful, Elisabeth! This is just so true to life.


  3. Wow, I really needed this. This is great. <3


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