January 11, 2014

January | Photography and Video Challenge 2013-2014

Don't forget to add your links to the December linkup (at the bottom of the page) here!
Let's flashback...
an introduction & challenge from Rachel Nicole on Vimeo.
(please ignore the thumbnail photo)

i decided that i will post all four themes for the photos at the beginning of every month, then you can link them at the end of the month when i post the linkup. 
i will be posting my photos and video(s) all throughout the month, and you can too (or do whatever you want).
i also decided i will make the video amount optional. it can be one, it can be two (it can even be three or four!), whatever is fine.
the themes for January are:
Grandfather (or someone who you look up to as a Grandfather)
Snowflake (or something that holds true to the [weather] season you're experiencing)

Some of these are hard, some easy. it's supposed to be a challenge. you can be however creative you want to (for example,if the theme is "sister" like it was in September, and you don't have a sister, post a picture of a friend you know as well as a sister).
be creative, think differently and have fun! 
Also, you can do these themes in any order throughout the month.
You can do it however you want, but i'm going to try to take one photo per week, not all at once.
so, yes.
this is going to be my school year project. care to join me?
(i would love (seriously, it would rock) if you could include this button in each video/photo post)
Rachel Nicole
Okay, let's see how I did here...
My photo posts
Grandfather | Ticket | Snowflake | (i missed "burn")
My video posts
I didn't link to it, but I made this video for my church's Christmas program.
Now let's see how you did:
a few things to remember:
1) please put your name and then a slash then the name of the picture theme that it links to (or the video name)
2) please post a new link for each photo/video
xo, rn
so sorry this is so late!

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