March 15, 2014

February | Photography and Video Challenge 2013-2014

February brought me many moments. From happy to sad, my mood swings were crazy. The reason? Pressure, stress, crazy-busy.
I took drivers ed in February. Man, I did not know what that would entail. Either way, February slipped away from my grasp before I even realized it. So for this month I'm just going to post photos I took from my phone. Some made it to IG, some did not. Either way, I hope you enjoy this! (captions of photos below)
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1 &2 - I straightened Lydia's hair for my grandma's birthday party.
3 - one of those days.
4 - #enditmovement
5 - Math tests and spaghetti (like my favorite and least favorite things...)
6 - Beginning to feel like summer eating strawberries. But don't be fooled, it was probably snowing outside.
7 - Carrot noodles with freshly grated Parmesan cheese. (insert smiling emoji with tongue out)
8 - Valentine's from Lydia.
9 - Sunny out. (well, and converse... need I say more?)
10 & 11 - Taking pictures and accidentally flipped the camera... selfie time? I think so.
12 & 13 & 14 & 15 -  These twins are so fun to babysit sometimes. (are they not cute?)
16 - Studying insurance (?) for my last drivers ed test.
17 - Yes, drivers ed is over. (this was needed)

xo, rn
ps- did you read about my challenge here?