April 12, 2014

in a different light

A Beautiful Day + Spontaneous ShootA Beautiful Day + Spontaneous ShootA Beautiful Day + Spontaneous ShootA Beautiful Day + Spontaneous Shoot
because maybe, after all this time, we're seeing each other in the wrong light. what does "following the crowd" mean in the first place? what if there actually isn't a "crowd" after all? we all have our own quirks and gears. they make us turn. no one can really be normal, can they? we are all different. this is how we were made, we were created to be different. how boring it would be if we were all the same. 

how could we all get along if we were all exactly alike? there would always be competition and that would lead to disaster. maybe we aren't seeing this correctly. maybe we are all different, maybe you saying someone should stop "following the crowd" actually makes you look like the stupid one, because no one actually is following the crowd. who is the crowd anyway? maybe things actually aren't what we think, maybe we just need to look at each other in a different light.

xo, rn


  1. Perfect. What a beautiful post! And Lydia is soooo cute!

  2. Awwww! 2 cute! Great photography. :)


  3. This is is absolutely perfect, I'm in love with your blog & so happy I've found it. Your photos are amazing. I'm following you now, keep in touch!

    x leah symonne x



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