August 3, 2014


with everything de-cluttered, and new. i'm excited.

my journey through blogging has been really wonderful. i've learned a lot, i've made mistakes, had some glorious times, things have been good, a good experience overall. mostly, though, you guys make me so happy, and i have a place to put my jumbled thoughts. a pretty space for myself.

i've been blogging for exactly three years today (crazy i was able to whip this up in time for august third. and you know what? i didn't even realize it until i began writing this post.) three years ago today i was a very different person. i wrote differently, i saw things differently, and i did things differently. for example, whenever i attempt to write a post, i always know how i want it to end up. years of blogging have taught me that. but now when i start writing, it always ends up coming out completely differently. when i was writing my about me page, i was planning on having it say some things about myself, things that make me different. but then i started writing out my life story, and that was never in the plans. however, it is now, and if you want to really get to know the new me, i'd recommend reading it.

but overall, i'm just really thankful for those of you who still read. this blog will be different, i can't write how i used to write, my photos are different, my designs are different. i'm a different person than i was three years ago, last year, and even six months ago. thank you for being such wonderful people, you're very loved by me.

also, i was planning on not changing the name of this site, i wasn't overly fond of keeping it with the Rachel Nicole Photography site going up soon, but there wasn't a need to change it. but as soon as i published the 'goodbye' post, the name came into my head. i couldn't get it out. it does describe me perfectly, so i decided to go with it. thus i now have a new name, as well. and without further ado,

welcome to Silent Shadows.
xo, rn


  1. Wonderful name. <3 It's so cool to be able to look back on what we've written before/when we first started blogging, because you can see the slow progress until the present. (:

    1. thank you so much! i completely agree, though at times the content can be cringe worthy. but it means you've come a long way, and that makes me happy.

      xo, rn


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