August 16, 2014

learning myself || Part i

this journey i've been on hasn't been easy, but it's been really neat.

i mean, if you think about it, you haven't ever really known yourself, have you? you were born, and you've grown up. you were kind of just thrown into your life, without a warning, and were told how to do things by your parents, family, and friends. once you were old enough to think on your own, you made your decisions all based upon what you've been told.

i'm not saying in any way that this is bad. you needed help, you were new to life, that's what you need, and it's a good thing. but if you really dig back, you never really thought about who you were, did you? i know for myself i haven't. i just did what i was taught, adding my own flair, and going with the flow. that's what everyone else seemed to do, that's what i'd always done.

i feel like every person goes through a time when they feel different, and maybe want to find themselves. that's what i'm feeling. that's the reason i'm starting this series. i'm finding who i am, it's not easy, and i'm not thinking it will be. i realize that there are going to be rough spots. there already have been, but i want to keep going. i feel that with all these huge changes, something else needs to happen. something else needs to change, and with that, 
i know my heart is ready.
xo, rn
ps- this is just a new series i'm starting on my blog. i'm not changing anything. i will still be posting my normal posts.


  1. ohoh ♥

    i was holding my breath while reading this entire post. it was so so lovely. can't wait for the next post in this series xxx.

    1. thank you, Elisabeth! you are such a dear. If you want to join me, go ahead! I'd love to see more people do this, and read their posts. it's always an adventure. :)

      xo, rn


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