August 14, 2014

this was her night.

she had been going going going for the past three months. she had just moved into the neighborhood, yet she knew no one, thanks to her packed schedule. she needed a break, she needed to refresh. fully decided, she canceled all her plans for the morrow. after the activities of the day ended, and she had fulfilled all her obligations at home, she grabbed a sleeping bag, pillow and a flashlight and headed outside. setting up her few belongings, she cuddled into the bag and looked up.
this was her night, and she would let it happen as it happened.

she had always liked stars. they were bright, sparkling, and had a mysterious, yet comforting look. she traced them in the sky with her finger, first the big dipper, then she identified the north star, the little dipper, and after looking for some time for Ursa Minor, she decided to find her own figures. before long she realized that for the first time in a while, she felt carefree. happy. refreshed. she needed this, badly.
this was her night, and she would enjoy doing these little things.
she fell asleep quickly, and dreamed of the magical fairies that came to play as soon as the sun peeked above the earth. she dreamed of them sprinkling fairy dust, sparkling and gold all over the grass, and as it touched the very tips, it turned to dew. she dreamed that they sang a happy melody, soft and sweet. she dreamed of their laughter, free and bold. they were always themselves, they needn't be anyone else. she dreamed that they came to her, sprinkling the dust over herself. and she dreamed that as it touched her, she turned into a fairy herself, sparkling and beautiful. free and bold, able to be herself with not a care in the world.
this was her night, and she would enjoy being a fairy, for those few precious hours.

she awoke just before the sun started rising. she sat up and wrapped the bag snuggly around her shoulders. she hadn't seen a sunrise in so long. how she had missed the brilliance, the radiance, the glorious rays that amazing orb of light gave off. how had she allowed herself no time for this beautiful creation? she looked around, and beside her. everything was covered in a soft layer of sparkling dew, she wondered, maybe those fairies were real, and she had been able to join them for one night of their many, help them sprinkle the ground, so others could see this majesty. as the sun rose higher, she saw it's glow in each tiny, perfect droplet on the ground.
this was her night, she would enjoy the radiance, the sparkles, the amazing sight she was beholding.

wrapped in her bag, she looked at the house to her left, it was a cute white house with blue shutters and a brown roof. she imagined the people inside were soundly sleeping in their cute little beds, missing this glorious sight. oh, how she wished she could let them know. she turned her head to look at the other house. this one was about the same size as her own, very small, but had a look about it that comforts, that doesn't just ask you to come in, but beckons you. she wondered about the people who lived in it. or person, she should say. she only ever saw one little car. and only one person coming in and out of it. as she turned her head back she caught a glimpse of some movement. there, in the next yard over, with the small house that looked like hers, she saw a man, their eyes locked, and they both smiled.
this was her night, but now it had been intertwined with her neighbor, and it felt right.
xo, rn


  1. i know you have a newer post but i just have to say this is GREAT.

    i love love this fiction ♥

    1. that is totally okay. i never know if people actually do read some of my posts, so getting comments, even if they're an older post, are always fun. thank you so much!

      xo, rn


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