September 20, 2014

Caramel (the cat)

CaramelCaramelCaramelCaramel CaramelCaramel Caramel CaramelCaramel Caramel Caramel
one day a few weeks ago (like before school started) my sister and i were talking. i was getting ready to go out to get the mail when i noticed a cat staring at me. (mind you, it was a very big surprise to me. i was not nearly so calm) being allergic to cats like i am, i immediately aborted the said mission of getting the mail. my sister was needing to leave for work, so she went out the back.

i was then faced with a difficult decision. i had no idea who this cat belonged to, and it was meowing so pitifully. it had a collar and a tag, but being on the other side of the door, there was no way for me to see what that collar said. thus, two decisions faced me. either 1) face my fears and go outside and see who that cat belonged to, or 2) leave the cat and just continue with my daily activities, while thinking of how much of a horrible person i was, while this cat continued meowing.

of course there were pros and cons to both.
the cat didn't appear to be leaving anytime soon. it was just sitting there waiting for me. and also meowing very convincingly. 
of course, i had no idea where this cat came from. it seemed domestic and very sweet and it had a collar, and was obviously used to people. but also, i only remember ever being allergic to cats, and it might contaminate me and i could have sneezing fits for days.

eventually my family (over group text) convinced me to go outside and see who this cat belonged to, to search for a number, and to call it. i grabbed some shoes (in case it scratched or something...?) and of course my camera (i wasn't missing this opportunity for anything).

fully convinced this was a mission i could embark on, i went out the back door and stealthily made my way to the front porch. the cat immediately came over by me, and meowed. after much petting, i finally came to see that the cats name was caramel, and that yes, the collar did indeed have a number on it... but then i realized i was home alone and had no idea who these people were. again, a difficult decision clouded my thoughts. 

i conversed with my family over group text again, but by this time they were just goofing around and giving emoji high fives, which wasn't helpful in the least in my current predicament. i finally called my mother and she explained that the cat wasn't a new visitor, that, in fact, it was there before she had left with the younger children. i then asked if i could carry on with my life without feeling guilty about not calling this number. she said yes, so i decided to go on in. but of course as soon as i was inside, caramel decided that she wanted me back out there, so she meowed and meowed, and she was so darling, and sweet, and i knew that i loved her very much.

everything i did, caramel was there watching. i felt very sad indeed about what i was doing to the poor feline. i spent a bit more time out with caramel, and then went in and downstairs so as to not hear the poor dear.

this all worked very well, except for the fact that now i wish i had stayed, because i miss her very much.
xo, rn


  1. awh! i would understand why you would miss this cat. it's too adorb♥
    and your pictures are way too amazing.
    xx. pris
    over the rainbow


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