October 29, 2014

that dress.

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dress (on clearance!) || cardigan: American Eagle || rings
i recently bought this dress, and i'm just so in love with it. it's really quite perfect for fall, and i have so many cardigans that can match it. i guess that's just how it is with fall colors, because i totally got them covered in my wardrobe...
what's a staple piece in your wardrobe?
xo, rn


  1. Yes, I am majorily crushing on your dress right now. So. Cute. <3
    A favorite staple piece in my wardrobe would definitely be my black skinny jeans that feel like yoga pants. They are a wonderful thing.

    1. haha, thank you, Chloe! those sound so comfortable, i love those kinds of pieces!

      xx, rn

  2. I love your dress! Beautiful pictures :)


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