January 31, 2015

Pocahontas | The Princess Project

i'm so excited to share these with you. since i posted Jasmine, i've completed Mulan, Merida, Belle, and almost have completed Elsa. Which of those would you like to see next?
xo, rn

January 22, 2015

Jasmine | The Princess Project

Lately i've been working on recreating the disney princesses. mostly to keep my illustrator skills in tact, but also because it's extremely fun. I finished Pocahontas first, but here's Jasmine who I finished the other day. I'll be showing them occasionally, and Pocahontas will come soon. Which disney princess is your favorite?
xo, rn

January 15, 2015

warm in winter (is that a thing?)

hmmm, i'm not really sure. hmmm, i'm not really sure.hmmm, i'm not really sure. hmmm, i'm not really sure.
so basically these photos were taken on november 30th in Wisconsin.
if there isn't a look of pure shock on your face right now, let me repeat that. no tights, no jacket, rain... on november 30th. in Wisconsin.
if there still isn't a look of pure shock on your face you need to just leave. like right now.
if you couldn't tell this is completely and totally something that just doesn't happen in Wisconsin. like no. on November 30th there's usually a foot of snow and 10 degrees is considered normal.
so basically the end of 2014 was really good weather wise and this outfit is one of my faves. the end.

xo, rn

January 9, 2015

unsure of myself, but sure in Christ

life.life.Abigail R | Portraits
i always wanted to grow up, i always thought i was ready to deal with it, and when it started i loved and relished it. but then this year things came so fast. the depression and the frustration with who i was. and then it passed, and everything was going well enough that i was satisfied. and then it started again, so much change, so much to do that deals with growing up. except this time it wasn't so much depression. it was sort of a way of God telling me that i was wrong with what people thought about me. that i was wrong to think that there were no people out there who cared about me.

so much has changed in 2014, and i will say i had previously wished none of it had happened. but now that it's passed i can see how God was orchestrating every single moment of it, and how he needed to show me how hating myself wasn't good. he needed to show me that my wanting to end something he had started was not in his plan and not his hand in my life. he needed me to realize that satan was ruling many parts of my life and he needed to show me what that would do. and it did things that weren't good and weren't a part of his plan. he needed to get me to a point where my heart could be cleansed and redeemed. where he could take my broken soul and heal it with his perfect hands.

and he did so much more than that. i can't even begin to fathom the things he can do, and did do in my life. not only did he show me how much i needed his redemption, but he gave it to me. not only did he fix my broken soul, but he filled it completely, and continues to do so. not only did he show me that his patience is overwhelming, but he showed me also that his grace is overflowing. he has shown me that he loves me forever, and that through him i have the best gift of all. and even though that's the opposite of what i deserve, he continues to pour out even more blessings on me.

yes, a lot has been happening lately, and it's just hard for me to know how to deal with it all. it's another trial, and it's difficult. but i've learned that that's what growing up is about. it is difficult, but you have to get to a point where Jesus is the head of your life, and where he will help you make those decisions. my life looks a lot different than what it did just a year ago, but i thank only God for what has been done for me. i went through an extremely difficult time then so that i could fully understand and be ready for what i'm going through now.

no, i have no answers, no, i don't know why it's all happening now, and none before, no, i don't know why it's happening at this moment, no, i don't know if what i'm doing is right at all. but he does, and that's all that matters. he is the head of my life, and that's where he's supposed to be. he knows the answers, he knows what's happening and why it's happening right now, and he also knows how i need to act. and all i need to do is ask, and give, and follow through.

2015 won't be perfect,
2015 probably won't be easy
2015 may not be what i want, but
2015 will be what i need, and that's the most beautiful thing.
xo, rn