February 24, 2015

starbucks date .002

starbucks date .002 starbucks date .002starbucks date .002 starbucks date .002starbucks date .002
today has been lovely so far. there's just something about coming to starbucks that just motivates and excites me. i see all these individuals come in, they all have a purpose and they're all driven. they've come to get things done, and they're doing it. the atmosphere is just not replaceable, and that's one of my very favorite things about coming here.

i came with a dear friend today. she's in college and has lots to study, so we decided that it might be nice to spend some time together while getting things done. my studying didn't take too long today, which was fantastic. i decided on a decaf vanilla cappuccino. so very delicious.

last week after i posted this, i got an interesting comment. i'd always wondered what i would do if i got a comment like that, and i always thought i'd just shrug it off and it wouldn't bother me. 
well. that didn't really happen. it definitely bothered me, and i couldn't shake it off until i actually replied to it.

i'm not sure. i guess it just kind of blew me away that someone would actually say that they thought the writer was being fake when they don't know them. like, think it all you like, but actually put it into words and post it? i don't know. i guess some people i will never fully understand.
but last week is over (oh, so thankful!), and i'm determined to make this week better. what are some of your current thoughts?
xo, rn


  1. Hmm, going to Starbucks is always a good idea. XD Maybe I'll try doing my homework in a public place, see what happens.

  2. My current thoughts: you're amazing girl! I would have probably stopped writing if some one told me that.... you're definitely no fake, and it saddens me (is saddens even a word?) that someone told you that.

    It looks like you had fun on your starbucks date :)

  3. I share your adoration of Starbucks. It's like I have this emotional tie to that place. And the best part is, wherever you are in the world, chances are you probably can find one of these cozy places that smell de-lightful ♥

    Also, I'm also really proud of you for continuing to blog even though you receive hateful comments! It takes a ton of courage to do that and I'm honestly so glad you didn't give up because I love reading your thoughts (and your pictures are sooo bomb). Continue to be you, because that's what makes this blog so rad. You go girl! xxx.

    1. thank you so much, Elisabeth. your words of encouragement and love have been so dear to me. (as are you!)

      xx, rn


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