March 28, 2015

North Carolina 2015 | Phoenix Challenge l

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Back during my fall semester an opportunity to travel to North Carolina and participate in the high school phoenix challenge arose. It seemed interesting, so when my teacher asked if anyone was interested (with room to back out), I said I was.

After many plan changes, much practicing, and very little information, it was set. Myself and three other classmates as well as one teacher and a press assistant boarded my first ever plane and started a new adventure.

I was probably the most excited one of our group about flying, and it did not disappoint (flying is very fun, kids). I love the liftoff and the landing; that rush of adrenaline, oh, so good. 

We had a two hour layover in Detroit, and though that city was depressing to see, their airport is so cool. We spent the majority getting lost on our way to a not-yet-open Chick-fil-a, then got lost again heading over to Fuddruckers. But during that time we had been able to explore the vast majority of the airport and had seen many interesting sights, and all while having such a blast. 

Landing in Charlotte was such an exciting experience. We had made it safely and the weather was also beautiful, and that was a big deal (unless you live in a state that is cold at least 7 months out of the year, you cannot relate in the same way).

After picking up the van from the rental (and after Nate broke it two minutes in), we proceeded to the wrong campus and were lost for about half an hour when we realized we needed to be at the campus half an hour away. Needless to say, we were late for the opening ceremonies (but also the directions given us were basically nonexistent so not really our fault), but we've gotten many good laughs out of it, so #worthit.

After finally getting to the right campus and embarrassingly walking in so late, we proceeded to listen to the rules and take our tours. Dinner was served, and after Nate broke the salad tongs (basically Nate did a lot of breaking things) we did end up getting to eat. 

After dinner we headed to our hotel (which was amazing) and hung out until late watching basketball and talking about magic potatoes. 
xo, rn

i & ii, view from on the plane to Detroit ft. Nate's hand // iii, lunch at Fuddruckers // iv & v, leaving the Detroit airport // vi, North Carolina clouds // vii, inside the airport (l to r: Keara, Nate, Joe, myself) // viii & viiii, lost in Charlotte


  1. hahahah i love the way you + friends function. y'all so cute. (getting lost and being late for opening ceremonies and still laughing over it? plus, the magic potatoes? treasure these kinds of friends ;) haha)

    ps: that (bacon?) burger looks absolutely bomb. <3


    1. haha, thank you so much!

      ps: it definitely was.

      xx, rn

  2. Beautiful photos! I love the,!
    I live in North Carolina! :)


    1. thank you so much, Celia! and ah ah, thats so cool, i love it there!

      xx, rn

  3. Fun pics! I have to ask - magic potatos? lol ;)


    1. thank you! haha, it was a reference to a player on one of the teams we were watching. ;-)

      xx, rn


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