May 6, 2015

early summer days

Early Summer Days from Rachel Nicole on Vimeo.

so i know it's been a long time since i've shared any of my films, and the reason for that is lame. (like really lame.)
I had taken a whole bunch of clips last year (mostly during the summer), and was going to make multiple videos with them, but then I got a mac, and everything was different, and there were so many clips and i found it all very overwhelming. so i let them sit and didn't allow myself to take much of anything else until i finished those (a very stupid idea, i tell you).
well, over the past weekend i shot some stuff, and i decided to tackle this thing called iMovie and learn how to use it. and i did, and it wasn't hard, and now i've begun working on all those clips from last summer (actually, i'm almost done) and will be sharing them soon.
xo, rn

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