June 2, 2015

midnight musings.

it’s 11:48 pm, i’m sitting outside, on my trampoline wrapped up in a quilt under the full moon, with that, one streetlight far in the distance, and my computer screen being the only light. 
i was listening to music (mostly ‘some hearts’ by Carrie Underwood, because that brings back such a happy time for me), but my phone recently died (it’s been doing that a lot lately, especially when it has plenty of battery left). i should probably get it fixed.

 you may be wondering why i’m doing this. my hands are ice, and i have to get up extra early tomorrow for work. i should probably go in now, but theres something so peaceful about being here and now. im so content, and almost, kind of happy.

my hands are ice because i just finished typing up a very long, pretty detailed piece of my life. it’s honestly one of the hardest things i’ve done, as silly as it sounds, but it’s true. and i will say, typing it all out has been therapeutic for me.

this moment, right here and now, just doing something i dont normally do, but have always wanted to do. to write outside at midnight under the moon and stars, this is what i love. i love being spontaneous, i love going on adventures, i love to experience new things, things like this.
this moment is almost perfect, and i’m so glad i did it. i know tomorrow morning when i have to get up, i’ll probably regret this, but for now, right now, i’m in my element, and it feels so good. 
xo, rn
ps- so i gave this space a facelift the other day while staying up until 4 am. #whoops 


  1. love the post! the design is lovely too ;)


  2. the new design is beautiful. and this post is so relatable. the way you're so honest with yourself is inspiring and encouraging, especially in a world today that is filled with so much lies. stay true, darling.

    1. oh, Elisabeth, you are so sweet and thoughtful with your words. thank you so much!

      xx, rn


yes, you have a beautiful soul.