August 27, 2015


(first, i'm sorry all the photographs i ever post are of myself, i just haven't been doing much personal photography besides self portraits)

"about how i'm not worth what i make myself out to be."

(read more about this challenge over here. and thank you, Elisabeth, for tagging me!)
(also, i know i did it completely wrong because i shared one line, of one book, but at least it was the seventh page and seventh line...? 
i'm counting the other 7 as my favorite number so it's still three 7's. also i'm not sorry i did it wrong, because that's how i roll anyway)
(just one more thing- i don't write novels, and this isn't part of one. i write small passages for myself. it's a good kind of therapy.)
xo, rn


  1. I believe small passages are just as valid as novels - and I do love your spin on the tag. If I might ask, which book is this from?

    (And you are gorgeous, in case you haven't been told before. Please don't apologise for posting photographs; the internet could always use more lovely faces.)

    1. this is actually a line from my journal, of sorts.

      (aren't you just the sweetest, thank you so much, Topaz!)

      xx, rn

  2. heehee you're so so welcome <3<3 this is perfect darling xxx

    (I LOVE THAT LINE. also that thing about writing as a therapy? yeah, i do that a lot Ü you are such a beautiful person xxx)

    1. aw, thank you, my dear!

      and same goes for you! 😚

      xx, rn


yes, you have a beautiful soul.