March 16, 2016

spring break | first thunderstorm

first thunderstorm | 2016first thunderstorm | 2016 first thunderstorm | 2016first thunderstorm | 2016
it's been a long semester so far. this is spring break, and so far i've spent it doing homework. i can't really complain too much, though, because at least i'm not getting more. but the real point of this post  is to say that this evening was the first thunderstorm of the year, and it made me so happy. i was outside on my porch wrapped up in a blanket just watching... it was a beautiful experience.

also, keep holding on. it'll get easier, i know it will, because you're so special, in the absolute best way possible. i know you can succeed at whatever you put your mind to.
and that was just as much for you as it was for me.
xo, rn

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