August 23, 2016

au revoir, summer 2016

i can't really say i'm sad to see this summer come to a close, if i'm honest, the past few summers have not been great. i'm honestly not really sure what it is about summer, but mine never seem to live up to the hype that summer is supposed to live up to. they're always confusing, hard, full of working (which i can't complain about), and really just usually all around difficult.

this summer wasn't really any different, except that looking back i see a lot of growth. so much has happened, and God continues to pour out blessings on me. i am so grateful for where i am now, even though it's completely different from where i thought i would be.

i know i have been very absent from here (so many sad faces), but i have been working on something, at least, so you can get a taste of what this summer was like... i have created a video of every day of my summer and it's just about my absolute favourite thing right now.

au revoir, summer 2016 from Rachel Nicole on Vimeo.
xo, rn


  1. This is honestly so cool! I want to try one of these videos sometime. :) <3

    1. thank you, friend! and you should; so much fun.
      xx, rn


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