September 11, 2019

mental health + the church

hearing about Jarrid Wilson's passing this morning hit very deeply. my heart instantly broke for Juli and the boys, but also because his story is relatable to so many, including myself. there have been many times when his words have given me so much hope when i myself was going through a difficult time. his work in the church + with mental health is not lost and is only the beginning of something greater.

this brings up another topic that is also so incredibly important to me and that i know people need to either hear or be reminded of:

the body of Christ / the church / whatever you want to call it is NOT ABOVE THE STRUGGLES OF MENTAL HEALTH.

the aftermath of my darkest moments is when i have felt the presence of Jesus the strongest, but not in a disappointed way at all, in those moments i felt great peace, and i knew that he was telling me that he saw me.
he saw my struggles. he saw my pain, and despite the ugly, he was holding me through all of that, he was telling me that he loved me before that, through that, and would still love me after it.
he looks at the scars on my arm and he tells me i'm beautiful, i'm worthy, and that i'm loved.

no. no, we are not above the struggles of mental health, we are called to be a light for those going through their own struggles, we are called to talk about it in a real way, not to judge it, not to name names and speak negatively about those who struggle. we are called to welcome; to welcome ALL people of EVERY walk, no matter what they may be facing, because you really never know what someone may be going through.

the church needs to be more involved in this. struggling with mental health is not devilish; depression, bipolar, ptsd, anxiety, all of these diseases and many more have medical explanations and descriptions and it isn't the fault of anything we did and NO, we can't just stop thinking that way to get it to go away (although we all wish we could), because it isn't just thoughts and feelings and things which can be dismissed.

i do believe that the church is to blame for a good portion of the extreme methods that people have taken, are taking, and will take, because, from the outside and the inside, the church just doesn't seem to care. the church looks away, ignores the cries for help, and turns a blind eye.

if you think that those who know Christ must be above the struggles of mental health, you need to do more research, because that is absolutely not the case and your mindset is only adding to our struggles and the number of suicides and attempts every year, as well as so many other extreme measures.

Do your part. Do better. Lives actually depend upon it.

xx, rn
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September 2, 2019

the one where i finally become legal, but also one year before i'm 'old'

2018, the year i turned 21. much anticipation, was also supposed to look so much different, but those dreams finally sailed, and new dreams were starting to come to fruition.
i really was at a pivotal point in my life, but i didn't really realize it, much like anyone who lives any bit of life understands. you can never really know what's coming next, but i just decided to let it go and let it roll as it would.

i spent my birthday half up north, tucked away in a cabin on the edge of Wisconsin and Minnesota, swinging away on a swing bed, waking up on my birthday to catch two fish, my only two fish of that year, then driving my beloved Ronan all the way home, immediately going to c's apartment, driving to the Journeyman hotel, checking into our room, drinking champagne while getting all dolled up, then spending my 21st getting bubbly drunk with all of my favourite people, changing into my second fancy birthday outfit of the night, and probably admitting way too many things, while tearfully telling them that if i were to get married soon, they would all be in my bridal party.

but i was smart and also booked a trip to canada for later in my birthday week...specifically calgary/banff, a place i had been dreaming of for years, and finally decided, 'ef it, i'm going', and went. i'd seen so many photos, had countless saved, my brain was spinning with ideas of things i wanted to do, and the sights i wanted to see. i couldn't wait to go, so that birthday weekend i packed my things all up and flew to canada.

i met up with someone i knew online but had never actually met in person: d, she was so kind and so welcoming. we talked a lot, explored calgary, and then headed to the mountains on the first full day. we're both the type of people to go, look, take photos, then leave. skip the hikes, we don't got time. it worked out perfectly because i was really only there for a weekend, and i wanted to see as much as i could in the little time i had there.

it was definitely a dreamy trip. canada did not disappoint. we took so many photos, we slept in the rental car two nights. or was it three? it was perfect. the weather was just that perfect fall feel; a little crisp, but still comfortable...and the smell, my gosh, it's straight from heaven, i swear. i wanted to bottle it up and take it home. i miss that beautiful piney smell more than most things, and i daydream of going back every day.

2018 was a very interesting year. not really bad, but not really great. it was a year of a lot of growth, leftover hurt, happy, beautiful times, buying a car and moving out of my parents house, new friends, finding the ones i could really count on, and realizing that i didn't have to allow my name to be continually dragged through the mud. that i didn't need a giant group of friends. that i didn't need to be around those who hurt me.
i left my church, took a long, much needed break that went into 2019, but was so necessary to cleanse the wrongness that those in the church had infiltrated my mind with, and to begin the journey to restoration in Christ.

xx, rn
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