I'm Rachel Nicole

hi. i'd like to welcome you to this space i call silent shadows.

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i've always said that i'm bad with names, but i'm not entirely sure this is true anymore. sometimes i have some trouble coming up with them, sometimes it's like the snap of a finger. but either way, the name always is. it always describes the object it belongs to in some way, it always works. 'silent shadows' was one of the snap of the fingers names. i was creating this site, and i got to the title part, and i was like 'i need something real. something honest, open, and raw.' boom, silent shadows. i only hope you can see what i mean by this name when you read my words. i don't like to explain my names or my thoughts, i like them to shine through my work. i hope it does just that.

but you came to this page to read about me, so that's what you will get: i like art, i like to create. for me this goes out in many different directions. i like to photograph all the things, to design, sew, draw, hand letter everything, and write. i can usually be found doing one of these things, even if i have loads of homework to do before the end of the next day. i'm not much of a movie watcher, it has to be something really good or i just feel like i'm wasting time. i like to hang out with my church friends best of all, and i enjoy instagram and coffee way too much. snapchat is stupid, but i still use it because, well, it is kinda fun (@imrachelnicole). i love my bkr's, Toby & Tabby (they're the same bottle, so #twins), and going to school and work isn't all that bad most of the time. fashion is something that i have lots of fun with, and occasionally i'll post an outfit on here. i don't watch much tv, but i do really like Sherlock, Downton Abbey, and The Office. polaroids are so much fun, and i finally got a camera for my birthday in 2015. i collect note cards and will randomly send them to people (hint: people love when you do this. like a lot). hedgehogs are my favorite animal (closely followed by bunnies), and i am currently campaigning to own one. also we are getting a bunny come spring 2016, should everything work out. i love Volkswagen, Mini Coopers, and Fiats. i am obsessed with France, and a big dream of mine is to live there for a period of time. Tigers are my spirit animal. i like so many different artists and bands, but let me just say one thing: twenty one pilots. yes. the Hunger Games trilogy (and films) are the best. ever. also i don't read much even though i do really enjoy it. i like the Packers and the Bucks a lot. like a lot. #diehard. my beats by dre, Pedro (my macbook pro), Léon (my Nikon D5100), and Marcus (my Nikon D7100) are some of my favorite companions. filming is something i like to do, but i haven't had much time for that lately. going on adventures is something i try to do as often as i can. traveling is everything. i will say it again. everything. Audrey Hepburn is major heart eyes. i love her. but most importantly, Jesus Christ is my savior. He saw me at my darkest, and still breathed life into me and told me i was loved. he took my broken pieces and made them beautiful. His redemption is big, guys. really, really big. He has shown me so much grace, and i only hope i can share that with those around me.